Olfa Tools


Birth of OLFA Cutter

His brother, Saburo who was working for another printing company, came to see Yoshio. It seems he had the same problem.
Saburo : Yoshio, do you know a good long lasting knife?
Yoshio : You're looking for that, too. So was I.

A piece of glass and a chocolate bar given by an American soldier. A bright idea hit Yoshio.
Yoshio : I've heard that craftsmen in the old days used to cut materials with the edge of glass pieces.

Yoshio : How about a blade which can be snapped-off like a chocolate bar?
Saburo : That's an excellent idea!

Yoshio started to make a prototype. He spent many nights undergoing many trials and errors.
Yoshio : What would be the best blade size, the best angle of the diagonal grooves and the best depth of the grooves?
Yoshio : A blade sliding type would be safer and more convenient than a folding type.

Yoshio solved these problems, and finally the world's first snap-off cutter was created in 1956.
Yoshio : I've got it!

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